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What is the Entropia

mining guide?

Explains how to mine for markup, Best auction house practices. How to compare un-amped and amped mining to markup areas and how to figure out which ones are potentially profitable.

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The most complete

mining resource maps

Excel based maps with resource markup tables, make it easy to see and edit current resource markups and locations. These are currently the most complete and accurate mining maps for the Entropia Universe

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24 Pages of in

depth tips and tricks

Entropia Universe is not easy to play without investing a lot of time and money into. I know I have played for two years before I learned how to profit. In this e-book i carefully explain exactly how I mine the Entropia Universe as a successful with-drawer.


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The Guide

Explains how to mine for markup, Best auction house practices. How to compare un-amped and amped mining to markup areas and how to figure out which ones are profitable.

Video Tutorials

Three videos explaining how to use the worksheets and resource maps

Mining resource maps

Arkadia Resource Map - Amethera Resource Map - Eudora Resource Map - Hell Resource Map - FOMA Resource Map - Rocktropia Resource Map

Editable worksheets

Includes a mining run worksheet and amp calculation worksheet with calculations already in place for your first mining run!

My support

You get a special place on my friends list and my email address.

Auction house tips

The best auction house practices, tips and tricks

Video reviews

I have been creating youtube tutorials and vlogs based on the entropia universe (and other games) for over 3 years.  I have become so popular in the entropia universe for these videos, my name and my successful mining that Mindark (the creators of Entropia) asked me to make Tutorial Videos for their youtube channel (Here).

A level 5 amp run explained

I have over 300 entropia videos on youtube. Here is just one where i instruct on how I use a level 5 amp. (this video is not included in the guide just a freebie to showcase the videos I have on youtube). Enjoy!

The preview

A brief video of what you receive in the entropia mining guide.

Samples from the book

Just a teaser from what’s inside the guide :) .


Hell vs Foma

Hof Pic oneMines 5, 8 and 12 are clear winners over all the other mines at the moment. Now let’s keep unamped mining in mind and why people will lose. Can you see it? You need 112% to break even unamped. If you mine in any mine or area below 112% you will Loose, See all those areas (mines) that are way below 112%. Now add on the 5% tax and you can be in big trouble!

About Mu

entropia2_screen1Mu and current % fluctuate every day in Entropia, whether it be the Markup you spend on amps or tools or the Markup you are finding in the ground. Your major focus is to try to stay ahead of other miners and mine areas with High % Percentages. Now this can be difficult to see if you do not know the areas or if you loot more than one resource in an area (which you almost always will). This is why I decided to include my Calypso, Arkadia, Foma and Hell Worksheets in with this guide.

The 90% theory…

Entropia Mining GuideSo if you get a level 5 amp at tt (200Ped) plus 73.5Ped worth of probes you can expect over a period of time to get back 90% or 246.25Ped. Now getting a level 5 amps for only 200Ped is almost impossible. So I have created an excel amp worksheet for you to figure out what your returns should be either unamped or amped.

Areas and Time

PigBenis Gun2Areas within servers can produce different ores and enmatters, think of a server(area) with different areas within that server. The more areas you have in your game plan the better you can perform. If an area does not produce higher than normal claim sizes after a few drops or if the hit-rate is low then change to a new area on your game plan and come back at a later time (2-3hours usually).

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  • Hell vs Foma

    - Mines 5, 8 and 12 […]
  • About Mu

    - Mu and current % fluctuate […]
  • The 90% theory…

    - So if you get a […]
  • Areas and Time

    - Areas within servers can produce […]

30-day-money-back-guaranteeI am so positive that you’ll be happy with the Entropia Mining Guide that I offer you a 100% money back Guarantee.

I know purchasing a guide for a game can be a difficult decision, Not knowing whether it will be helpful to you. This is why I want to give all our customers a risk free chance to try the guide and see if it is for them. If for any reason you feel the guide is not for you I will refund your entire payment.


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Many testimonials come from my youtube channel. This is just a few:

Mike Thrive (Youtube)

Mike Thrive (Youtube)

"Great guide Pig. well worth the money"

Howardstone77 (youtube)

Howardstone77 (youtube)

"Right now there is nothing like the stuff in the e-book you wrote, LBML Cant even touch the maps that are in the e-book"

MartinPablo111 (youtube)

MartinPablo111 (youtube)

"Got the membership to the site and good work on the resource mapping"

Aidan Longwood

Aidan Longwood

"The guide has a lot of stuff I did not know about. Thanks pig"

James Frick

James Frick

"Wow do not let the haters bring you down, the guide is very good."

Isabella Angel

Isabella Angel

"I used the resource maps and the calculators every time I log into Entropia, Pig Thanks!

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Entropia Mining Guide


  • 24 page guide on how to mine for MU and auction tips
  • Arkadia, Calypso, Hell, Foma and Rocktropia Mining Maps
  • Mining Run and Amp calculation Worksheets
  • 30 day money back garantee!!
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About the author: PigBenis Pig Hateraid


I started Entropia Universe in December 2005 and played as a casuaPigBenis Hateraid bluel hunter/miner for a couple of years, depositing often.  Around 2007-2008 I decided that I either needed to get serious with the game or get out. I got serious, I studied the Auction House, I bought a shop and most importantly for me I educated myself with the games economics.  I learned that to be successful in Entropia you have to find gaps that needed to be filled, this is when I started to hunt.

I spend over a year hunting feffoid and other mobs that consistently dropped Items that other players needed. With some savy auctioning and hunting efficiently I amassed a sum of PED.  That PED dried up when the mobs I hunted stopped dropping the items I needed.  That Is when I turned to mining.

I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours pouring over mining screenshots from various forums, Learning where and when other players where hitting their nice claims. I made maps of these claims and went out and mined daily to improve the accuracy of the maps.  I quickly learned how to tell if an area is hot, has great mu and when to mine it and with this knowledge combined with my auction house savvy I started to earn PED again.

A few years back I started my youtube Channel to help others gain a foothold in the entropia universe. It was successful with well over 1600 subscribers I put out video tutorials, vlogs with tips and hints on where to mine and what to mine etc.  After around 250 videos there was so much information that I decided to write this book and pack it all in there with a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t want to put out for free.

So here it is I hope you Enjoy :)

Private Life

My real life name is Brett Schumacher and I work as a chef in the USA. I also do things on the internet that earns me money such as playing video games, affiliate marketing and selling stuff on ebay.


This book is not a way for me to make money off my success, I’ll tell you why.

1. 1600 subscribers on youtube is not a lot of fans, for a game like Entropia it is becouse of its small player base but in the grand scheme of things it will never make me a millionare.

2. I spend more money developing the book than I make on it. I pay people to mine to keep the maps updated and I spend a lot of time and money in game myself keeping them accurate.

3. I like to see other success stories especially when I helped create them.

4. I give away a portion of the revenue on my youtube channel in form of giveaways.

5. I really love the game, its not about the money I make off the book. Its about the money I make off the game.